Alekseev I-211


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Alekseev I-211

Having worked during World War II in the S A Lavochkin OKB, Semyon M Alekseev established his own OKB in September 1946, and initiated the design of a singleseat fighter powered by two 1365kg Lyulka TR-1 axial-flow turbojets. Designated I-211, the first prototype made its initial flight in the autumn of 1947, but the TR-1 turbojets were developing only 70 per cent power. An initial series of six flights revealed that the fighter handled satisfactorily, but was seriously underpowered. The proposed armament comprised three 37mm or two 57mm cannon, but these were not installed pending the availability of TR-1A turbojets, which, to be fitted to the second prototype, theoretically offered 1505kg each. The TR-1A had not been cleared for flight testing by the time Alekseev's OKB was assigned a pair of Rolls- Royce Derwent centrifugal-flow turbojets imported from the UK. The second prototype I-211 was duly modified to take the Derwent engines as the I-215. Discontinuation of the TR-1A turbojet led to abandonment of the I-211 in favour of the I-215.

Alekseev I-211A three-view drawing (1660 x 1087)

 MODELI-211 (OKB estimates)
  Take-off weight7450 kg16425 lb
  Empty weight4360 kg9612 lb
  Wingspan12.25 m40 ft 2 in
  Length11.54 m38 ft 10 in
  Height3.68 m12 ft 1 in
  Wing area25.0 m2269.10 sq ft
  Max. speed935 km/h581 mph
  Range1550 km963 miles

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