Antonov An-14
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Antonov An-14

Carrying the NATO reporting name Clod, the An-14 is a twin-engined light general-purpose aircraft that first flew in March 1958. Production began both for Aeroflot and the Soviet armed forces at the Progress Plant at Arsenyev in 1965 and by the mid-1970s well over 300 aircraft had been delivered. The military version, first seen at the Domodedovo air display in 1967, appeared not to differ from the civilian passenger version externally. An-14 were also in service with the air forces of Bulgaria, the German Democratic Republic and Guinea.

Antonov An-14

 ENGINE2 x AI-14RF, 220 kW
    Take-off weight4410 kg9722 lb
    Empty weight2310 kg5093 lb
    Wingspan21.4 m70 ft 3 in
    Length11.0 m36 ft 1 in
    Height4.2 m14 ft 9 in
    Wing area43.5 m2468.23 sq ft
    Max. speed350 km/h217 mph
    Cruise speed190 km/h118 mph
    Ceiling5000 m16400 ft
    Range1550 km963 miles
    Range w/max.fuel780 km485 miles
    Range w/max.payload300 km186 miles

Antonov An-14

Brian Johnston, 13.06.2012

I have a set of drawings from '' which shows this aircraft with an optional hovercraft undercarriage, presumably for operating in swamps and marshes. Unfortunately what text there is, is all in Russian.

nana, 18.06.2011

Where can I find plans to make the model

, 18.06.2011

Antonov An-14

Ike Chiladze, 27.08.2010

Clamshell doors rather than a one-piece hatch in the back. This was used both for passengers and cargo.

jack nisen, 08.02.2010

Is that a cargo hatch in the back?

Cem, 24.12.2009

Where can I find plans to make the model?

daniil, 18.02.2008

is there any airworthy examples left?

Steffan, 12.09.2007

Are they still in prodution?

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