Antonov An-2
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Antonov An-2

Prototype flew as SKh-1 31 August 1947. More than 5,000 An-2 were built at Kiev, ending in mid-1960s after limited manufacture of specialised agricultural An-2M. Production transferred to PZL Mielec, Poland, from where more than 11,950 delivered since 1960. China acquired licence and has built Yunshuji-5 (Y-5) versions 1957 to date.

Antonov An-2

 ENGINE1 x ASh-62IR, 735 kW
    Take-off weight5450 kg12015 lb
    Empty weight3350 kg7386 lb
    Wingspan18.2/14.2 m60 ft 9 in / 47 ft 7 in
    Length12.7 m42 ft 8 in
    Height4.1 m13 ft 5 in
    Wing area71.4 m2768.54 sq ft
    Max. speed250 km/h155 mph
    Cruise speed220 km/h137 mph
    Ceiling5000 m16400 ft

Antonov An-2

Scott Boyd, 08.09.2011

There are a number of AN-2 parked at the Auburn airport outside of Seattle, they have been there for years and are slowly falling apart. A friend of mine said the wings have collapsed on some and they are all overgrown with weeds.

Ivan, 07.09.2011

Repair and sale of Mi-8 Mi-2 An-2. Alteration of Mi-9 in Mi-8 (a passenger variant) more detailed information by e-mail

Lina Staniulioniene, 09.08.2011

Hello, I'm looking for AN-2 engine ASH62-IR. Any offers? Please call me +37065914782.

, 16.06.2011

you only have to write me. KIKE

amir, 17.12.2010

single engine 747 ?

Sergei, 23.11.2010

"limited manufacture of specialised agricultural An-2M"
An-2M was manufactured at Dolgoproodny (ouskirts of Moscow) not at Aviation Factory #473 in Kiev...

Kiril, 05.04.2010

I am able to offer Antonov An-2 for sale. Contact me for more information.

martin, 03.02.2010

Hi friends of AN2,also like Daniel, i am in need of a Flight Manual(in english).Can u or any one help??

Regards to all fans of AN2.

Richard Spinks, 28.11.2009

Hi All, I have TWO beautiful examples which due to family and home changes, I am selling. Please get in touch if seriously interested. One is a passenger version, beautiful condition used by my family and I to fly regularly (1970) and the other is a 1989 model, with very high remaining resource, but in agricultural configuration; although she has never carried chemicals, so could be used for any purpose. Both available for approximately $50,000.00 in Western Ukraine (Polish border). +380 675 802 852; Richard

Kiril, 04.10.2009

I have Antonov An-2 for sale. Contact me for more information.

Rodrigo Gallardo, 23.09.2009

Estoy en la busqueda de un avión Antonov An-2 para comprarlo. Favor quien tenga información me la haga saber.


Mike, 31.08.2009

Hey SP-DNL! I flew exactly this one.

Steve, 07.08.2009

If STOL is more important than speed, then the biplane configuration is still hard to beat.

Alex El'tsov, 04.06.2009

Enrique Sans, I'am a pilot of An-2 too. It's improbable durable multipurpose aircraft! 1000 horsepower under cowling =)

Ahmet Alegoz, 08.01.2009

It called as "Flying Tractor" in Turkish aviators.

don, 06.11.2008

planning to buy one, how much is the selling price in the market?

Daniel DM Goncalves, 21.10.2007

I need to buy the AN-2 Airplane Flight Manual. Can you help me?

Stefan, 08.09.2007

The biggest biplane of all times, and the most reliable one, I can say. I know AN-2 who flew with wing ductaped, and AN-2 who flew in Syberia, Africa and Romania. The AN-2 can be considered a trademark of Russian reliability and endurance along with the AK-47.


Enrique Sans, 09.03.2007

The AN-2 is a very good old airplane, almost for cargo missions. I live in South of Venezuela, where you got this old warrior work in the dimond mines zone. in fact I am fliying one of this model, it is in perfec condition, If you want pictures of AN.2 in action, you only have to write me. KIKE

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