Antonov An-28
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Antonov An-28

Carrying the NATO reporting name Cash, the An-28 is a development of the piston-engined An-14. It is a short-range twin-turboprop light general-purpose aircraft, expected to enter production with WSK-PZL-Mielec of Poland in 1980. The first prototype flew in September 1969 and had a retractable landing gear and Isotov TVD-850 engines. The An-28 now has a non-retractable tricycle type landing gear and two 723kW Glushenkov TVD-10B turboprops. A much larger cabin accommodates up to 19 passengers or a variety of alternative payloads, including scientific, medical or agricultural spraying equipment.

Antonov An-28

 ENGINE2 x turbo prop TVD-10B, 705kW
    Take-off weight5100 kg11244 lb
    Empty weight3000 kg6614 lb
    Wingspan22.1 m73 ft 6 in
    Length13.0 m43 ft 8 in
    Height4.5 m15 ft 9 in
    Max. speed350 km/h217 mph
    Cruise speed300 km/h186 mph
    Ceiling6000 m19700 ft
    Range w/max.fuel1300 km808 miles
    Range w/max.payload1000 km621 miles

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Praca, 22.05.2016

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Ayman Osman, 16.03.2016

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Rakhman, 16.03.2016

Dear Sir Madam,
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Schweitzer, 07.12.2015

Dear Madam or Sir Maier, we (my client) can offer PZL M 28 Aircraft Version 05 with full EASA TCDS. If you are real interest contact me via to give a direct contact to this offer.
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Jamie Simpson, 17.11.2015

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Jamie Simpson, 17.11.2015

I am interested in leasing An-28 equipment for an operation in the Middle East. Please kindly contact me if you have availability on this Aircraft. Thanks very much.

Ayman, 13.11.2015

Hi Maier.
kindly send yr requirement to my email

Ayman, 13.11.2015

Hi Maier.
kindly send yr requirement to my email

Ayman, 13.11.2015

Hi Maier.
kindly send yr requirement to my email

Maier, 11.11.2015

Hello, is there any PZL M-28 for sale?
AN-28 are now forbidden in EU for commercial flights.

Ayman, 15.07.2015

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James, 14.07.2015

Hi all,

Any one have any information regarding leasing an AN-28 for a minimum of 6 months?

AEROMAX, 28.06.2015

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A. Schweitzer, 14.03.2015

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Kasas, 01.03.2015

We are looking to lease (ACMI) AN-28 for South Sudan. Please contact us :

Muhammad, 15.02.2015

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A. Schweitzer, 14.02.2015

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Ayman, 07.02.2015

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allan hewitt, 05.02.2015

I am looking to hire an AN28 for a TV commercial. I would like it positioned in Murcia, but I will look at other locations as well.

We are looking at approx 9 lifts over 2 days

Does anyone know of someone who has one for rent?

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