Tupolev ANT-1
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Tupolev ANT-1

First flew on October 20, 1923.

Tupolev ANT-1A three-view drawing (552 x 611)

 ENGINE1 x Anzani,
    Take-off weight355 kg783 lb
    Empty weight205 kg452 lb
    Wingspan7.5 m25 ft 7 in
    Length5.0 m16 ft 5 in
    Height1.7 m6 ft 7 in
    Wing area10.0 m2107.64 sq ft
    Max. speed120 km/h75 mph
    Cruise speed100 km/h62 mph
    Ceiling400 m1300 ft
    Range400 km249 miles

Barry, 14.06.2016

Tupolev's first aircraft, and for that matter one of the first aircraft to be manufactured using a variety of materials such as wood steel and aluminium. It flew for two years and was then stored in workshops and eventually hung from the ceiling. What happened to it was a mystery, but it was more than likely destroyed during the German assault on Moscow.

Megan Cummins, 12.07.2007

My name is Megan Cummins. I am with the photo dept. at Departures Magazine, a luxury travel and lifestyle magazine based out of NY. We are currently working on an issue devoted solely to Russia. I am needing hires images of Ilyushin and Tupelov planes from the late 1920s-1930s. There are multiple images on your site that I would love to get hires versions of. How should I go about getting these? What is the fee per image? And how soon could I get them?

We are pressed for time- so if you could at least let me know if the hi- resolution images are available, that would be great!

Thank you so much,
Megan Cummins

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