Tupolev ANT-2
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Tupolev ANT-2

First flew on May 26, 1924.

Tupolev ANT-2

 ENGINE1 x Bristol "Jupiter",
    Take-off weight836 kg1843 lb
    Wingspan10.5 m34 ft 5 in
    Length7.6 m25 ft 11 in
    Height2.1 m7 ft 11 in
    Max. speed170 km/h106 mph
    Ceiling3000 m9850 ft

Tupolev ANT-2A three-view drawing (552 x 753)

Barry, 10.09.2014

Firstly this duralumin built 3 seat passenger plane was powered not by a Bristol "Jupiter", which probably had not been developed by then, but by a 100h.p. Bristol Lucifer. With a triangular cross section to the fuselage which reduced the need for wing struts and had the added benefit of reducing vortex drag the ANT-2 proved quite difficult to fly. This along with the lack of specialised knowledge in manufacturing all metal aeroplanes and for that matter the production of said alloys resulted in only a few being produced. One is still extent at th Central Airforce Museum at Monino.

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roy, 16.06.2011

Do you have pictures or document about Hannibal. This airplane have only one wing. Best regards Roy Johansen

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