Tupolev ANT-37 / DB-2


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Tupolev ANT-37 / DB-2

Developed from the uncompleted Tupolev ANT-36 (DB-1), a sihgle-engined long-range bomber based on the ANT-25, the Tupolev ANT-37 (DB-2) long-range bomber was developed by Sukhoi's design brigade under Tupolev's overall control. Powered by two 597kW Gnome-Rhone 14K radial engines, the prototype flew on 16 June 1935 but crashed in the following month. The DB-2D was a redesign with particular attention paid to rectifying faults in the tail unit. It was followed in turn by the DB-2B or ANT-37bis, of which only three were built as record breakers/research aircraft after rejection of the design in favour of the llyushin DB-3.

The first DB-2B, named Rodina (motherland) was flown to a long-distance women's record by an all-female crew, covering 5908km on 24/25 September 1938 before making an emergency landing. Examples survived well into the wartime period, flying for Aeroflot or on research projects.

Tupolev ANT-37 / DB-2A three-view drawing (592 x 560)

 ENGINE2 x M-86,
  Take-off weight12500 kg27558 lb
  Empty weight5855 kg12908 lb
  Wingspan31.0 m102 ft 8 in
  Length15.0 m49 ft 3 in
  Wing area85.0 m2914.93 sq ft
  Max. speed300 km/h186 mph
  Ceiling8000 m26250 ft
  Range w/max.fuel7000 km4350 miles

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