Tupolev ANT-63P (Tu-1)


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Tupolev ANT-63P (Tu-1)

An attempt to produce a radar-equipped three-seat long-range night and all-weather fighter also suited for the escort mission, the ANT-63P, alias Tu-1, was one of a number of progressive developments of the ANT-61 (Tu-2S) bomber. Initially powered by two 1,900hp Mikulin AM-39F 12-cylinder liquid-cooled engines, the ANT-63P (the suffix letter indicating Perekhvatchik, or "Interceptor") carried a fixed forward-firing armament of four 23mm cannon, two in the wing roots and two in the lower forward fuselage. The nose was intended to accommodate a PNB-1 Gneiss-1 airborne intercept radar based on the German FuG 220. First flown on 30 December 1946, the ANT-63P attained 680km/h and demonstrated a range of 2500km. Official interest in piston-engined fighters was waning by this time, and although the ANT-63P was re-engined with 1,950hp Mikulin AM-43V engines driving four-bladed propellers, being tested in this form in December 1947, no production was undertaken.

Tupolev ANT-63P (Tu-1)A three-view drawing (1645 x 1168)

 MODELANT-63P with AM-43V engine
  Take-off weight14460 kg31879 lb
  Wingspan18.86 m62 ft 11 in
  Length13.60 m45 ft 7 in
  Wing area48.80 m2525.28 sq ft
  Max. speed641 km/h398 mph
  Range2250 km1398 miles

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