Beriev Be-103
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Beriev Be-103

The first prototype flew on 19 July 1997.

Beriev Be-103A three-view drawing (1000 x 536)

 ENGINE2 x Teledyne Continental Motors 10-360ES4, 210hp
    Take-off weight2435 kg5368 lb
    Wingspan12.7 m42 ft 8 in
    Length10.6 m35 ft 9 in

jose abella, 12.12.2011

por que no siguieron importando a EU aviones de este tipo?
aún siguen produciéndose o ya se paró la producción de este tipo de avión?
cuanto cuesta nuevo?

Anthony I, 17.12.2010

Can this aircraft be converted for cargo use?

Dokday, 28.03.2010

Stall speed 65 mph (109 km/h)

rocky, 12.02.2010

i saw one of these land in biscayne bay (miami, fla) with a gear down, the crash looked bad but when we arrived to assist the aircraft was still running and in no danger of sinking. looked like minor damage to me. it is one tough aircraft.

Pedro, 16.01.2010

I'd like to know the Beriev's VMC (minimum control speed with an engine out.

Ceri, 16.01.2009

Colin, yes it's an amphibian. Beriev ONLY makes amphibians and are THE BEST on Earth at it for 70 years now!!
Ugo, you clearly know NOTHING about what your yapping about as it it being sold MOSTLY in the USA and here's the website address: Just PROOF ugo your an idiot!!
Walter you can go to the above website click on the overview slection, there is HUGE 3 view line drawing with measurments. Just click that image again and it will open in a new window just huge, big enough that you need to scroll it to see it all.
At $795,000.00US I doubt they will be selling many as a used King Air or NEW Piper Mirage is in that price range and vastly beter vessels for air transit.

colin, 30.09.2008

Am I crazy or is this an amphibious aircraft. The wings seem just a tad bit low for an amphibian, right?

ugo, 01.09.2008

this is a very good airplane but usa not let to use in usa territory. whay ? because this airplane is the first in his clase and usa don't have any airplanes Seemed , because thay don't have brain, there are the Scientists Of other countries not usa's Scientists

walter moller, 16.06.2007

I am a scale model builder,and i was wondering if i could get a good drawing with formers and airfoil,anything that could help me to build that plane. W.Moller

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