Beriev Be-8


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Beriev Be-8

The Beriev Be-8 'Mole' of 1947 was an all-metal utility amphibian flying-boat, with the main units of the landing gear retracting into the sides of the hull just below the pilot's cabin. The wing was supported above the hull by a central pylon, together with a pair of parallel struts on each side. The passenger cabin accommodated sixi A small batch of Be-8s was built, and examples were used in a variety of roles including flying ambulance, liaison,.and training.

Beriev Be-8A three-view drawing (800 x 536)

 ENGINE1 x Shvetsov ASh-21 radial piston engine, 522kW
  Take-off weight3624 kg7990 lb
  Loaded weight2815 kg6206 lb
  Wingspan19.0 m62 ft 4 in
  Length13.0 m43 ft 8 in
  Wing area40.0 m2430.56 sq ft
  Max. speed266 km/h165 mph
  Ceiling5550 m18200 ft
  Range810 km503 miles

Barry, 06.01.2017 17:40

Only two were built and yes the second prototype did feature hydrofoils for take off and landing, but they increased airborne drag substantially and along with the aircraft itself were not taken any further forward.


Heldmyer, e-mail, 02.08.2010 03:02

Does the plane in the photo have a hydrofoil setup in place of the wheels?

That would certainly improve takeoff performance I would think...


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