Grigorovich M-16
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Grigorovich M-16

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Grigorovich M-16A three-view drawing (1756 x 1218)

 ENGINE1 x 150hp Salmson
    Wingspan17.0 m56 ft 9 in
    Length8.6 m28 ft 3 in
    Wing area61.8 m2665.21 sq ft
    Max. speed110 km/h68 mph

mike1204, 15.05.2012

The Grigorovich M-16 (ShCh M-16, pictured above) was a two-seat reconnaissance float-plane being derived from the Farman type and developed from the M-9. The M-16 was a version especially intended for winter operations, with better aerodynamic qualities. It was somewhat larger than the M-9.
Six M-16s fell into Finnish hands during the Russian Civil War. The first Finnish parachute jump was done on 17 June 1922 from an M-16 by a parachutist named E. Erho. The aircraft were flown by the Finns until 1923.
With the Russian navy designation GASN, a four-seat twin-float torpedo-bomber version was built in small numbers.

mike1204, 15.05.2012

your M-15 and M-16 on the index page both link to this one

mike1204, 15.05.2012

The Grigorovich M-15 (ShCh M-15 or Shchetinin M-15) was a successful biplane flying-boat, developed from the M-9 by Grigorovich, being basically a scaled-down version of the M-9 intended to replace the latter, however it was only built in small numbers due to shortage of the required and relatively more powerful Hispano-Suiza engine. Following the summer of 1917 it was mostly used as a trainer.
Two M-15s fell into Finnish hands during the Russian Civil War, having being abandoned at Turku. The Russian officer J.Herbert flew an Åland-based aircraft to mainland Finland and was awarded an officers title in the Finnish Air Force. Only the Åland aircraft was in an airworthy condition and was flown by the Finns until 1919.

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