Grigorovich M-2
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Grigorovich M-2

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Grigorovich M-2A three-view drawing (1210 x 454)

 ENGINE1 x 100hp Gnome Monosoupape
    Max. speed100 km/h62 mph

Terrence Murphy, 29.05.2012

The Grigorovich M-2 was an experimental Russian World War I-era biplane flying boat with a single step hull, designed by Grigorovich. It was one of the early flying boats built in Russia. The M-2 was slightly larger than the M-1. The triangular section rear fuselage was raised from the water and the tail was equipped with a skid, often referred to as the "shovel".
The lower wings were installed 1m above the hull on the engine support frame. One example of the M-2 was built and flown several times during the summer and fall of 1914. The aircraft crashed on October 10, 1915 damaging it beyond repair.

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