Grigorovich M-9
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Grigorovich M-9

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Grigorovich M-9

 ENGINE1 x 150hp Salmson
    Empty weight1060 kg2337 lb
    Wingspan16.0 m53 ft 6 in
    Length9.0 m30 ft 6 in
    Height3.3 m11 ft 10 in
    Wing area54.8 m2589.86 sq ft
    Max. speed110 km/h68 mph

Grigorovich M-9A three-view drawing (1856 x 1214)

mike1204, 15.05.2012

The Grigorovich M-9 (ShCh M-9, or Shchetinin M-9) was an evolutionary biplane flying-boat, developed from the M-5.
The first M-9 was ready in 1915 and its maiden flight was carried out on 9 January 1916 at Baku. On 17 September that year the test pilot, Jan Nagˇrski, became the first to make a loop with a flying-boat.
During the Russian Civil War, M-9s participated in the air defence of Baku, dropping approximately 6,000 kg of bombs and 160 kg of anti-personnel 'arrows'. The aircraft also carried out photo-reconnaissance, artillery spotting duties, as well as air combat sorties.
The M-9 was also used for the first experiments on sea-shelf studies, participating in the discovery of new oil fields near Baku.
Nine M-9s were captured by Finland during the Russian Civil War, one of which was flown by a Russian officer to Antrea on 10 April 1918. It was sunk the following day during type evaluation. Eight more were captured at ┼land and Turku. These aircraft were used by the Finnish Air Force until 1922.

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