Ilyushin IL-102
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Ilyushin IL-102

The prototype flew on September 25, 1982. Canceled.

Ilyushin IL-102

 ENGINE2 x Izotov I-88 (RD-33), 5380kg
    Take-off weight22000 kg48502 lb
    Wingspan16.98 m56 ft 9 in
    Length17.75 m58 ft 3 in
    Height5.08 m17 ft 8 in
    Max. speed950 km/h590 mph
    Cruise speed850 km/h528 mph
    Ceiling10000 m32800 ft
    Range w/max.fuel3000 km1864 miles
    Range w/max.payload600 km373 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 30mm cannon, 1 x 23mm cannon, up to 7200kg of weapons

Ilyushin IL-102A three-view drawing (752 x 1229)

timothy potter, 26.09.2017

This rocket powered fighter was the world's first ever plane to be flown by robots. The test robot was called lucas walkersky and his assistant droid sat in the back.

dennis, 20.02.2012

This plane has nothing to do with the A-9

Kevin Morrow, 15.05.2011

Is this a bomber or a recon aircraft?

Guy, 14.03.2011

don't be a noob noob, its not an a9 you ignoranus, its based on IL2 jackass.

Poland, 05.01.2011

It's not copy of A-9, it's jet version of Hs-129

Greg, 25.08.2010

Looks like an original Russian A/C. The A-9 is an entirely different design than either the SU-25 or IL-102.

Dalton C. Rocha, 23.11.2009

Su-25 won and Ilyushin Il-102 lost.

Vlad, 29.07.2009

actually, it has nothing to do with A-10 jr YA-9.

Jason, 22.03.2009

Since it's loosely based on the 1950's era experimental shturmovik, the IL-40 Brawny, it's a bit misleading to say it's based on the A-9.

Steve, 28.12.2008

It's actually a bad copy of the Northrop A-9, the plane that lost out to the Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog)

Taufan, 21.12.2008

Do you think Ilyushin will sell the patern?

If yes, how much?

jeff, 23.07.2008

is this the us a10

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