Ilyushin IL-14
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Ilyushin IL-14

First flown in 1953, the IL-14 was developed from the IL-12 and is known in the West under the NATO reporting name Crate. Many thousands were produced in the Soviet Union, East Germany and Czechoslovakia (as the Avia 14). The IL-14 basic version with normal accommodation for 28 passengers was followed by the IL-14M and IL-14P. The former has a fuselage lengthened by 1.0m and accommodates up to 32 passengers, while the latter seats 26 passengers, has improved performance and an AUW of 16,500kg. A large number of M and P versions were converted into IL-14T freighters.

Ilyushin IL-14

 ENGINE2 x ASh-82T, 1395kW
    Take-off weight17000 kg37479 lb
    Empty weight12200 kg26897 lb
    Wingspan31.7 m104 ft 0 in
    Length21.3 m70 ft 11 in
    Height7.9 m26 ft 11 in
    Wing area100.0/B>, m21076.39 / 0.00 sq ft
    Max. speed395 km/h245 mph
    Cruise speed345 km/h214 mph
    Ceiling7000 m22950 ft
    Range w/max.fuel3200 km1988 miles
    Range w/max.payload1000 km621 miles

Sergey Zharkov, 09.02.2012

2 Scott: A somewhat strange comparison with a plane from a different era - nearly 20+ years between them. They were build with using different technology and for the different infrastructure. And by the way practical range is almost the same 1600 km for IL-14M and 1750 for EMB-120.

Scott Boyd, 09.02.2012

The Brasilia is 12,000 pounds lighter in takeoff weight with about the same payload. IL-14 214 mph cruise, the EMB-120 300 and nearly twice the range.

Sergey Zharkov, 08.02.2012

If you're searching for more photos - welcome to our webpage! We are currently trying to bring two of this beautiful birds back to life!

Marius Robert Dragomir, 14.01.2010

Do you have any photos with this piece of art?

Marius Robert Dragomir, 14.01.2010

CV-240 is just a plane.IL-14 is unique!!!

Marius Robert Dragomir, 14.01.2010

Correction...first part is true.Indeed it resemblance something like this:DC-3 LI-2 IL-12 and IL-14.I think in my opinion,is one of the most beautiful airplane in the world!Very beautiful!I love this plane!

Bob Weber, 12.01.2010

Correction....the IL-14 resembled more to a CV-240 than a DC-3

Bob Weber, 12.01.2010

I worked the weight/balance of the IL-14 by Aeroflot in 1955 at Vienna airport. The aircraft resembled the DC-3 but had a nose wheel and when parked had to use a tail post.

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