Ilyushin IL-32
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Ilyushin IL-32

Transport glider, a high-wing aircraft with a very box-like fuselage. The IL-32 was designed to carry light vehicles. Unusual for such gliders, it was of all-metal construction. A few were built.

    Take-off weight16600 kg36597 lb
    Loaded weight9600 kg21164 lb
    Wingspan35.8 m117 ft 5 in
    Length24.84 m82 ft 6 in
    Wing area159.5 m21716.84 sq ft
    Ceiling4000 m13100 ft

timothy potter, 26.09.2017

This test bomber was the very first in the world to employ a cloaking device for the 10 wing mounted engines making them invisible.

Marius Robert Dragomir, 14.01.2010

A box with wings!...but classic.Very nice.

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