Ilyushin IL-38
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Ilyushin IL-38

Maritime patrol and ASW aircraft, developed from the IL-18 turboprop transport. The position of the wing was changed, so that the IL-38 has a short front fuselage and a longer aft fuselage, and two bomb bays. About 100 were built.

Ilyushin IL-38

 ENGINE4 x 4250hp Ivchenko AI-20M
    Empty weight34500 kg76060 lb
    Wingspan37.40 m123 ft 8 in
    Length39.57 m130 ft 10 in
    Max. speed724 km/h450 mph
    Ceiling11000 m36100 ft
    Range7240 km4499 miles
 ARMAMENT3000kg of weapons

Ilyushin IL-38

Sergei, 23.11.2010

"About 100 were built"
57 only :( and 4 crashed while 5 went to Indian Navy

Alex, 08.02.2010

Compares well with the P-3 Orion.

raghav, 04.06.2009

one of the finest air craft... and the most trusted one .

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