Ilyushin IL-40


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Ilyushin IL-40

Jet-engined armoured ground attack aircraft. It was a rather odd design, with two engines in the forward fuselage, armoured tandem cockpits, swept wings, and a remote-controlled tail gun turret. Only one was completed, because the concept was clearly outdated.

Ilyushin IL-40A three-view drawing (800 x 519)

 ENGINE2 x 3250kg RD-9V turbojets
  Take-off weight17470 kg38515 lb
  Empty weight12190 kg26874 lb
  Wingspan16.00 m53 ft 6 in
  Length16.16 m53 ft 0 in
  Height5.90 m19 ft 4 in
  Wing area47.60 m2512.36 sq ft
  Cruise speed993 km/h617 mph
  Ceiling11600 m38050 ft
  Range1115 km693 miles

bombardier, e-mail, 18.10.2011 10:27

This plane looks like a double-barreled shotgun when viewed from the front.


redstar72, e-mail, 25.04.2011 08:40

The Il-40 was first flown in March 7, 1953 - already after Stalin's death (just some days, but after).
It was cancelled by the Government's order in April 13, 1956 - so Stalin couldn't be involved in this. The Defence Minister Georgy Zhukov decided to abandon Shturmoviks, replacing them by the fighter-bombers. The Shturmoviks returned only about 20 years later.

Actually not one, but two Il-40 prototypes were built and the series of 40 aircraft was started before the program cancellation.


DebtMan, e-mail, 16.10.2010 03:37

The project was cancelled due what Stalin was believed what VVS not need a ''Sturmovik'' jet and for that,he was ordered scrap the 5 prototypes .Is possible what survives an unique prototipe of hte plane.


Buff, 04.04.2009 07:27

Well, it was actually an IL-102, which was derived from an IL-42, itself a derivation of IL-40, that was offered for export in 1992. Funny to see an aircraft with a remotely controlled tail gun and a rear facing gunner on a modern aircraft.


Jord, 18.11.2007 15:52

Regarding above comment... see Il-102 for the aircraft mentioned


Jord, 18.11.2007 15:50

This aircraft oddly resurfaced at an arms exhibition in the late 90s, posing as an alternative to the Su-25 and actually for sale to any interested party /airforce.
How bizarre!


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