Ilyushin IL-54
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Ilyushin IL-54

Supersonic jet bomber, a fairly elegant design with a highly swept shoulder wing. The engines were in nacelles suspended under the wing. The aircraft did not enter production. One built.

Ilyushin IL-54

 ENGINE2 x AL-7F turbojets, 10000kg with afterburner
    Take-off weight40660 kg89640 lb
    Empty weight24000 kg52911 lb
    Wingspan17.7 m58 ft 1 in
    Length28.9 m95 ft 10 in
    Wing area84.6 m2910.63 sq ft
    Max. speed1250 km/h777 mph
    Cruise speed910 km/h565 mph
    Ceiling14000 m45950 ft
    Range2500 km1553 miles
 ARMAMENT4 x 23mm cannon, 5000kg of bombs

Ilyushin IL-54A three-view drawing (1000 x 614)

Sven., 10.05.2017

It has the Dan Dare looks but performance is a bit of a sprint for a bomber. The HP Victor cruising faster 10,000 ft higher and 3000 miles further. The undercarriage may have lead to challenging landing characteristics. Not surprising it went no further than prototype.

christian, 09.05.2017

50s and early 60s aircraft are so cool but no one makes games with them in it. WHY!!!!!?!?!?

sergej, 16.02.2015

this aircraft is epic!!!!!!!!

bombardier, 18.10.2011

A bigger version of the Yak-28 Firebar.

Cristi, 12.08.2008

I would like to find out if this fine aircraft have flew. The performances are pretty good for those times

jarecki, 28.03.2008

The other data shown if this aicraft was produced in short series (over a dozen items.

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