Ilyushin IL-62
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Ilyushin IL-62

First flown in Januar y 1963, the llyushin Il-62 was designed to complement and partially to replace the Tupolev Tu-114 on Aeroflot's long-range domestic and intercontinental routes. A cantilever low-wing monoplane with swept wings, a T-tail with all swept surfaces, retractable tricycle landing gear and four engines mounted in pairs on each side of the rear fuselage, the II-62 entered service during 1967. Initial operations had been on cargo services, but on 10 March passenger/mail services were inaugurated on the Moscow-Khabarovsk and Moscow-Novosibirsk routes. When, on 15 September 1967, Aeroflot introduced the type on its Moscow-Montreal route, the II-62 represented the Soviet Union's first long-range four-engined intercontinental jet transport. The II-62 has the NATO reporting name 'Classic' and it is believed that more than 210 have been built, some 200 remaining in airline service.

Ilyushin IL-62

 ENGINE4 x turbo-jet NK-8-4, 102.9kN
    Take-off weight157500 kg347230 lb
    Empty weight67800 kg149474 lb
    Wingspan43.3 m142 ft 1 in
    Length53.1 m174 ft 3 in
    Height12.4 m41 ft 8 in
    Wing area279.6 m23009.59 sq ft
    Cruise speed900 km/h559 mph
    Ceiling10000 m32800 ft
    Range w/max.fuel9200 km5717 miles
    Range w/max.payload6700 km4163 miles

Jameson, 13.11.2015

To my western friends. Hi.
Pl dont be too proud of your planes which these aircraft manufacturers built at the expense of hard work of their employees who were not paid according to the profits that these tycoons made. Where as Russian aircraft are as good as these boeings,airbuses, etc. cheaper in cost, more fuel efficient per nautical miles, long range, more cargo space and less accident ratio. What more can one get at such a bargain. So lets be reasonable.

Taras, 03.05.2012

BOBI, I hardly believe you're Polish. It more looks like a provocator...

Taras, 03.05.2012

BOBI, I hardly believe yo're Polish. It more looks like a provocator...

Oksana, 03.05.2012

RE: Back in those day Russia does copies our designs and make theirs bigger and better....

Kevin, there is a Russian proverb: , (In English, You can lie, but avoid lying too much).

Oksana, 03.05.2012

Russia does copies our designs

Kevin Morrow, 17.04.2011

Back in those day Russia does copies our designs and make theirs bigger and better....

Dominik, 01.04.2011

Ian MacFarlane - the range of Il-62 was better than the VC-10s, DC-8s or most versions of B-707, for example. The specific fuel consumption of its engines is on par with western ones from that era. Comparing it with engines that were designed 20-30 years later is a sign of idiocy. Also the MTBO of less than 2500 hrs was with the early engines, the later ones could do 6000. NO western engine of that era could do 10000, not even close. For example MAXIMUM TBO authorized for JT3D in the early 60s was only 1000 hrs! The safety record is better than the DC-8s or B-707s. The Il-62 is not a copy of VC-10. It's original and it's better.
Polish friends - I'm offering you my shoulder to cry on. Blame the Russians for everything and feel even more proud of your nation. Although I doubt it's possible.
I am not Russian.

meeshka, 20.09.2010

this model[IL 62]has the distinction of having the deepest penitration into Canada Air space in 1971[FIRST EVER] to Winnipeg,Manitoba,I had the pleasure of being one of the passengers on this tour flight to the Ukraine

Ian MacFarlane, 20.07.2010

As stated, this plane is a contemporary of the DC-8 or Boeing 707. Unfortunately, it has poor range capability. For example, the Cubana IL-62s were able to fly commercially from Havana to several European destinations in support of Cuba's tourist business. Those aircraft were unable to fly back non-stop due to head winds and excessive fuel consumption. The return flights required a stop at Gander, Newfoundland, Canada and the purchase of fuel with hard currency caused losses to the tourism business. The USSR overcame this range deficiency by making arrangements with Ireland to supply jet fuel to Shannon airport (some 7 million gallons are stored there). The fuel is still supplied by Russian tankers and used to barter for other airport services. There is a similar arrangement with Canada at Gander, but smaller amounts. Only those Russian aircraft with western engined can make the East to West flight without a stop, if fully loaded. Also, the MTBO is less than 2500 hours, compared to over 10,000 hours for a western-built engine.

jerry k, 21.06.2010

Is this the plane that served as the Soviet equivalent of "Air Force One" and famously broke down with Breshnev and Nixon on board during a diplomatic flight?

seyedzade, 08.10.2009

i need to know useful data & informations about the "MASHHAD disaster".how & why was this dhsaster happen. thank you very much

Kiril, 04.10.2009

I have Ilyushin IL-62 for sale. Contact me for more information.

A. Daroca-Cheesman, 18.01.2009

"The IL-62, IL-62M long-range narrow-body aircraft safety level in comparison with similar Western products DC-8. B-707, for a total period of operation is the same as a DC-8 and a little better than a B-707"


Montral, 20 to 22 March 2006

Document DGCA/06-IP/48

BOBI, 13.01.2009

this plane was cause of death in 80-s polish people in two crashes. The cause of that was bad design of engines by russian engineers. Its copy of english VC-10 who originaly was not design for carying people as a pasenger plane

jarecki, 28.03.2008

Some sources say if this aircraft is a copy of british VC-10.

Maher Bashour, 28.07.2007

Hi I would like to know if you interested in business of civil aircraft for middle east (gulf region)

Do you have any comments about this aircraft ?

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