Kalinin K-5
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Kalinin K-5

The K-5, which was Kalinin's out- standing design, had an enclosed two- seat crew cabin forward of the wing leading edge and an eight-seat passenger cabin. Production was an impressive 260, terminating in 1934, and installed powerplants included the 335kW M-15 (Bristol Jupiter built under licence), 358kW M-22 introduced in 1931, and the M-17F of 544kW in final series aircraft. Widely used on passenger services within the Soviet Union, some K-5s were still flying in 1940 .

Kalinin K-5

 ENGINE1 x M-22, 355kW
    Take-off weight4000 kg8819 lb
    Empty weight2500 kg5512 lb
    Wingspan20.5 m67 ft 3 in
    Length15.9 m52 ft 2 in
    Wing area56.3 m2606.01 sq ft
    Max. speed190 km/h118 mph
    Cruise speed150 km/h93 mph
    Ceiling4500 m14750 ft
    Range800 km497 miles

Jose Jalapeno, 05.02.2013

hey how come you don't put a video on how to draw the plane in 3d

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i like to flying

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