KhAI (Nyeman) KhAI-1
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KhAI (Nyeman) KhAI-1

Very clean low-wing monoplane transport, 43 for Aeroflot, also bomber version.

KhAI (Nyeman) KhAI-1

    Max. speed324 km/h201 mph

Barry, 24.02.2016

What is so significant about this plane was it was designed and built by students at the Kharkiv Aviation Institute under the supervision of Iosif Grigorovich Nyeman. The challenge in May 1931 was to have all plans complete and ready for construction by February the following year. This was duly achieved and manufacture was started by the students themselves at the Karkiv Aviation Factory in March 1932 and 180 days later the first plane was ready for it's first flight. This duly took place on 4th October with Nyeman as a passenger. The performance was exceptional and some 45 were eventually produced for use by Aeroflot. There was talk of converting it into a bomber but that is all it was - talk

Span 48'9" Length 34'2" Wing area 357 sq ft Empty Weight 3,590 lb Gross Weight 5,720 lb
Range 700 miles Service ceiling 23,620 ft

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