Kocherigin DI-6
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Kocherigin DI-6

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Barry, 24.02.2016

Originally conceived to take a V12 in line engine Sergai Kochyerigin had to settle for a 770 h.p. Wright R1820 radial engine which became the Shvetsov M25. The plane suffered severe vibration problems, which were never truly eliminated. The fixes to alleviate the problem added another 350 lb to the aircraft weight. 222 built.

Span 32'7" Length 22'6" Height 10'6" Wing area 270 sq ft Empty Weight 3,000 lb Loaded Weight 4,310 lb

Max speed 230 mph Range 310 m Service ceiling 25,260 ft

bombardier, 24.05.2011

Looks like a two seat I-153

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