Lavochkin La-160
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Lavochkin La-160

The first Soviet fighter to utilise wing sweepback, and consequently known unofficially as the Strelka (Dart), the La-160 featured 35 of leading-edge sweep on a wing of 9.5% thickness. When initially flown on 24 June 1947, the La-160 was fitted with an RD-10 turbojet rated at 900kg, with which it could not get airborne fully laden. After initial handling trials, the La-160 was fitted with an RD-10F which provided an afterburning thrust of 1170kg and with which, after diving and then levelling off, a speed of 1060km/h was allegedly attained at 5700m, this being equivalent to Mach=0.92. The La-160 carried an armament of two 37mm NS-37 cannon, but was utilised primarily as a research vehicle in the development of more advanced fighters.

Lavochkin La-160

    Take-off weight4060 kg8951 lb
    Empty weight2738 kg6036 lb
    Wingspan8.95 m29 ft 4 in
    Length10.07 m33 ft 0 in
    Wing area15.90 m2171.15 sq ft
    Max. speed900 km/h559 mph

Lavochkin La-160A three-view drawing (1660 x 1167)

bombardier, 23.05.2011

The Soviet jets of the late 1940s were among the ugliest aircraft in the world.The La-160 was no exception

P. Hamel, 04.11.2010

Just to let you know that my e-mail-address reads (Instead of =)

Peter Hamel, 26.11.2006

During a recent historical review about the "Birth of Sweepback" I was referring to the interesting La-160 including fotos. But I could not find an in-flight foto. Is there somebody who has ever seen an in-flight foto of the La- 160? A response would be highly welcomed.

Dr. Peter Hamel

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