Lavochkin La-9
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Lavochkin La-9

Closely related to the La-126, the La-130 - first flown on 16 June 1946 - embodied a number of refinements, both aerodynamic and structural, and featured a revised fuel system of increased capacity. It retained the ASh-82FN radial of the preceding fighters, but provision was made for a quartet of 23mm NS-23 cannon. Series production was authorised in November 1946 as the La-9, deliveries to the VVS commencing February 1947 from GAZ 21 at Gor'kiy. A tandem two-seat training version, the La-9UTI, was flown in July 1947, and series production continued for three years, 1,630 single-seaters and 265 two-seaters being built.


One example, designated La-138, was fitted with two PVRD-430 ramjets of 300kg underwing, factory testing being performed during March and April 1947, and increases in level speed of 107 to 112km/h were recorded in level flight. A small batch of aircraft was completed with underwing provision for RD-13 pulsating athodyds, or pulse-jets, as La-9RDs. These boosters were found to have a deleterious effect on handling characteristics.

Lavochkin La-9A three-view drawing (1673 x 1240)

    Take-off weight3676 kg8104 lb
    Empty weight2660 kg5864 lb
    Wingspan9.8 m32 ft 2 in
    Length8.6 m28 ft 3 in
    Wing area17.7 m2190.52 sq ft
    Max. speed690 km/h429 mph
    Ceiling10800 m35450 ft
    Range1735 km1078 miles


Jason Moore, 26.11.2011

Probably the best low to medium altitude piston-engined fighter ever. I'd take this aeroplane in a fight below 15,000 ft. over any other piston-engined design. The four 23mm armament was in particular monstrously powerful. A one-second burst would have shredded any other single-engined 'plane.

Ed Hunter, 23.09.2011

Essentially La-7? Not really. How do you transform a wooden construction into all-metal one? It's essentially new, it just looks similar to La-7. For example the wing is all new, laminar flow, fuel capacity is 835l instead of 464l, firepower 4x23mm instead of 3x20mm, etc.

bombardier, 23.05.2011

This aircraft was essentially an all-metal version of the famous La-7.Despite it's obsolence compared to jets it served with distinction in Korea

Stewart Graham, 25.06.2010

Does anyone know if there are plans available for this aircraft?? even scale plans would do!!

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