Myasishchev M-17 / M-55 Geophysics


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Myasishchev M-17 / M-55 Geophysics

Originally identified in 1982 by US reconnaissance satellites as the 'Ram-M' single-seat high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, and later codenamed 'Mystic' by NATO, the twin-boom straight-wing jet, currently publicised as a high-altitude research aircraft able to carry around 1500kg of sensors, is now known to exist in two versions. The first of two prototype aircraft, designated M-17 Stratosfera ('Mystic-A'), first flew in 1988 and are powered by a single 68.6kN thrust Rybinsk RD-36-51V turbojet developed from the Tu-144 SST powerplant. The M-55 Geofizika ('Mystic-B') , has two 49kN thrust Perm/Soloviev PS-30-V12 turbojets mounted side-by-side behind a raised cockpit installed in a longer nose, together with a reduced span wing.

The M-55 'Mystic-B' differs from the first M-17 Stratosfera in having a longer jetpipe, shorter engine intakes, a reprofiled nose and an undernose FLIR turret. A subsequent version of the Geofizika is twin-engined.

The role of the 'Mystic-B' is described as environmental sampling missions or high-altitude research and endurance in this role is claimed as over 4 hours loiter capability at 20000m. A further variant of the M-55 is reported to be under development with wingroot mounted engines in stalled in a conventional fuselage carrying a sweptback tail unit . Two 'Mystic-A' prototypes, followed by two 'Mystic-B' and two pre-production 'Mystic-Bs' were flying by 1992.


 ENGINE2 x Soloviev PS-30-V12, 49kN
  Wingspan37.47 m123 ft 11 in
  Length22.87 m75 ft 0 in
  Height4.83 m16 ft 10 in
  Cruise speed750 km/h466 mph
  Ceiling21000 m68900 ft

Myasishchev M-17 / M-55 GeophysicsA three-view drawing (752 x 743)

ehsan iran, e-mail, 14.12.2011 07:39

map airplane model m-55?


Timespanr, e-mail, 22.08.2010 02:10

My comments are address to webpa,
1. The US has changed to be more like the old USSR in the past years since GW Bush was President. Obama has ordered the on sight shoot of an American born Citizen of the US, without any presentation of evidence in a trial or him being convict of anything. I find it totally possible, with the present US Gov to shot Americans or other, at this point.
2. All the BS about high tect American weapons.. Baaah Humbug! The Americans produce product copied from capture German documents, Drawings, models & actual items. Most which is still stored, and it has taken them fifty-sixty (50 - 60) years to get whe they are off of German Technology. Fact.
3. Don't ever under estimate the country of Russia, it's people, or the dedication to what ever is in the national interest. A simple review of the History of Napolian Bonaprate,& Adolph Hilter will set you mind straight should you have forgot. The Russia winter is a killer along for those who have never liver their, or experienced it.
4. You sir, remind me of the village idiot, always opening his mouth before checking his facts or under stand his true reality.


Nikos J. Farsaris, 28.06.2009 01:27

Currently there are plans of using a M-55 with uprated PS-30 engines as a first stage of the Cosmopolis C-21 suborbital space vehicle. This could lift as many as 4 "space tourists" in an altitude of 120-130 Km (parabolic flight).


Nikos J. Farsaris, 28.06.2009 01:12

I have read that original use of M-17 would be the interception and destruction of recon baloons that was lounched from Western Europe and following the tradewidns would land in the Pacific. As this "ballon project"was found to be of limited use and cancelled by NATO the M-17 /55 were converted to environmental monitoring without a spy-model in between. (The allready combat-proven MiG-25R /RD would make it useless).


John, e-mail, 01.06.2009 01:18

Does anyone make a model of this aircraft, or have plans for a model?


webpa, e-mail, 04.11.2007 00:57

To Lonconao : Ha! Ha! Ha! So superior to the U2 that it was never flown outside the Empire's borders! Never needed...we Yanquis never executed people for taking photographs out airliner windows! They did. I assume your country will be doing the same soon.


Lonconao, e-mail, 15.10.2007 08:47

Nunca antes oído de su existencia. Debe haber sido un aparato Super Misterioso y por supuesto superior a los piratas U-2 yanquis


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