Nikitin-Shevchenko IS-1
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Nikitin-Shevchenko IS-1

Perhaps the most innovatory single-seat fighter to undergo flight testing in the late 'thirties was the IS-1. Polymorphic in concept in that it could translate from biplane to monoplane configuration and back again in the air, the IS-1 (Istrebitel Skladnoi or folding fighter) was conceived by Vladimir V Shevchenko and designed in collaboration with Vasili V Nikitin. The IS-1 was intended to take-off as an unequal-span biplane, subsequently retracting its main wheels pneumatically into the lower wing and then folding this wing (again pneumatically), the centre section into recesses in the fuselage sides and the outer panels into shallow depressions in the upper wing. Theoretically, the lower wing could be extended during combat to increase manoeuvrability. The IS-1 was powered by a 1,100hp Shvetsov M-63 nine-cylinder radial and carried an armament of four 7.62mm ShKAS machine guns. Construction was all metal and the prototype was flown for the first time on 6 November 1940, the lower wing being successfully retracted and extended within 7-10 seconds during subsequent trials. Refinement of the basic design for series production had meanwhile re- suited in the IS-2, only one prototype of the IS-1 being completed.

Nikitin-Shevchenko IS-1A three-view drawing (1690 x 1200)

    Take-off weight2300 kg5071 lb
    Empty weight1400 kg3086 lb
    Wingspan8.60 m28 ft 3 in
    Length6.79 m22 ft 3 in
    Wing area13.0-20.8 m2139.93 - 223.89 sq ft
    Max. speed453 km/h281 mph
    Range600 km373 miles

COLONELPABLO, 30.05.2012

A Model has produced an acceptable 1/72 kit of this bird

Tony, 01.02.2012

Has anyone ever built a model of this?
I bought a tiny plastic model. Maybe it and the 3 view above will be enough to get started. The very short nose moment could make it very tricky to fly, even without the folding stuff.

jack, 18.06.2011

is ther som chance to get som drawings to the airoplane i hope so becorse i gonna bilt an model.

, 18.06.2011


A.B. GENTRY, JR, 05.02.2007

looking for a color print, to build a model


dag storaker, 29.01.2007

is ther som chance to get som drawings to the airoplane i hope so becorse i gonna bilt an model.

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