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Polikarpov TIS

To meet a requirement for a heavy escort fighter, or TIS (Tyazhely istrebitel soprovozhdeniya), formulated in the autumn of 1938, the Polikarpov OKB designed a low-wing monoplane of all-metal construction powered by two 1,400hp Mikulin AM-37 engines. Fixed forward-firing armament comprised four 7.62mm and two 20mm guns, rear protection being provided by single flexible 7.62mm guns fired from dorsal and ventral positions by the second crew member. The first prototype, Samolet A, was flown in September 1941, but evacuation of the Polikarpov facilities to Novosibirsk delayed the programme, and an improved second prototype, Samolet MA, was not flown until 13 June 1944. The MA was intended to be powered by 1,700hp Mikulin AM-39 engines, but their non-availability dictated installation of 1,665hp AM-38 engines. Fixed forward-firing armament was changed to two 37mm cannon and two 12.7mm machine guns. The flight testing of the MA was in its early stages when, on 30 July 1944, Polikarpov died and his OKB was almost immediately disbanded, the TIS programme being abandoned.

Polikarpov TISA three-view drawing (1278 x 858)

  Take-off weight7840 kg17284 lb
  Empty weight5800 kg12787 lb
  Wingspan15.50 m51 ft 10 in
  Length11.70 m38 ft 5 in
  Height4.35 m14 ft 3 in
  Wing area34.85 m2375.12 sq ft
  Max. speed555 km/h345 mph
  Range1070 km665 miles

Kelly Wellington, e-mail, 13.03.2012 01:33

An interesting similarity to the Petlyakov Pe-2.


God, 18.04.2011 21:21

Purley perfecto taco cheese. im on a cross =]


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