Sikorsky S-20
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Sikorsky S-20

The last of the RBVZ's First World War fighters, the S-20, embodied lessons learned from licence manufacture of the French Nieuport 17. The production version, with a 120hp Le Rhone engine, was said by its pilots to be faster than the Nieuport, with a top speed of 190km/h; but only five were ordered, leaving the RBVZ free to concentrate on production of its Ilya Mourometz bombers.

Sikorsky S-20A three-view drawing (1280 x 944)

Klaatu83, 06.07.2013

This looks like an interesting cross between a Nieuport 17, a Sopwith Pup, and a Sopwith "1 1/2 Strutter". Like the Pup the lower wing clearly has two main spars, as contrasted with the Nieuport's single-spar arrangement, and for that reason alone would have represented a definite design improvement. The arrangement of the cabane struts, as well as the shape of the fin and rudder, are also somewhat similar to Sopwith practice. However, the shape of the upper wing and tailplane are clearly reminiscent of the Nieuport.

Nikolai, 31.12.2010

F.E.2b 4861,4864,4868,4862,4940,4943,4947,4948 built by G&J Weir Ltd. Cathcart, contr. 94/A/210 had "Beardmore" 120&160 h.p.

Nikolai, 30.12.2010

1. Russians received Sop.1 1/2 Strutter from Britain and from France. Some were built in Russia as well.
2.At least 7 RAF F.E.2 and 14 RAF B.E.2c were sent to Russia.
3. The plane picture shows isn't Sikorsky. It's certainly Sopwith.

"Bugs" Wirkus, 25.09.2010

Certainly does resemble a Sop. 1 1/2 strutter.
Did Russia receive any Sopwith aircraft circa 1914-1917?
Also, did Russia rec.any Royal Aircraft Factory airplanes?
Thank You.

Jan den Das, 07.10.2009

The picture looks to me as a single seat sopwith strutter.
Look to the wings, ailerons, cut out, struts, fin/rudder looks all strutter not sikorsky

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