Sukhoi Su-11 (I)
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Sukhoi Su-11 (I)

In late May 1947, flight testing commenced of a development of the Su-9, the Su-11 or Samolet LK, which was destined to be the first Soviet jet fighter powered by a turbojet of indigenous design. The fuselage of the Su-11 was fundamentally similar to that of the Su-9, apart from some structural revision, but because of the appreciably larger engines, the wing structure was extensively modified. The Su-11 was powered by two Lyulka TR-1 turbojets each developing 1300kg, these being mounted ahead of the main-spar. Armament was the same as that of the Su-9. Factory trials were completed in April 1948, but the TR-1 turbojet was inadequately developed and, like its predecessor, the Su-11 was handicapped by the suggestion that it copied German technology,. Aleksandr Yakovlev telling Yosif Stalin that it was no more than a "warmed over Me 262".

Sukhoi Su-11 (I)A three-view drawing (1663 x 1073)

    Take-off weight6350 kg13999 lb
    Empty weight4495 kg9910 lb
    Wingspan11.80 m39 ft 9 in
    Length10.57 m35 ft 8 in
    Height3.72 m12 ft 2 in
    Wing area21.40 m2230.35 sq ft
    Max. speed940 km/h584 mph
    Range910 km565 miles

Skp1, 05.07.2017

Why no swept back wings? They had the plans for the 262 instead of using them it looks as though they crossed it with a shtoaravik

Barry, 28.09.2012

Do you think Uncle Joe was a little short upstairs because what comrade Yakovlev said about the Su-11 was just the same as he reportedly said about the Alexseev I 215.

DebtMan, 16.10.2010

Looks like when the soviets was taked the design plans of Me-262 was intented built a new aircraft based in that

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