Sukhoi Su-15 (I)
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Sukhoi Su-15 (I)

Rolled out at Novosibirsk on 25 October 1948 and first flown in January 1949, the Su-15, or Samolet P, was a single-seat all-weather interceptor. It was powered by two 2270kg RD-45F turbojets mounted in tandem, the forward engine exhausting beneath the centre fuselage and the aft engine exhausting via an orifice in the extreme tail. The pilot's pressurised cockpit was offset to port, a tunnel feeding air to the rearmost turbojet passing to starboard. The air intake was surmounted by a radome intended to accommodate Izumrud (Emerald) AI radar, the single-spar wings were sweptback 35° at quarter chord and armament comprised two 37mm cannon. During its 39th flight, on 3 June 1949, the Su-15 developed uncontrollable flutter, its pilot ejecting. At that time a second prototype was still incomplete and the development programme was abandoned.

Sukhoi Su-15 (I)

    Take-off weight10437 kg23010 lb
    Empty weight7409 kg16334 lb
    Wingspan12.87 m42 ft 3 in
    Length15.44 m51 ft 8 in
    Wing area36.00 m2387.50 sq ft
    Max. speed1032 km/h641 mph
    Range1600 km994 miles

Sukhoi Su-15 (I)A three-view drawing (1637 x 1060)

Sukhoi Su-15 (I)

Paul Scott, 24.01.2015

Strange-looking aircraft, but important in the early years development of Soviet aircraft.

3VI, 25.01.2012

Radar was a Toriy, not Izumrud. Rolled out September 1947. First flight attempt on 10/11/1947 and crash after became airborne (can we call it flight?). Then 11/01/1949 first real flight. Many troubles (eg. aeroelastic, flutter, vibrations), disaster on 3/6/1949 with pilot ejection and crash.

Thalb, 28.11.2011

Imagine this aircraft with two axial-flow turbojets mounted side-by-side, it would be a sleek and elegant machine! Maybe it was intended this way, but the radial-flow turbojets originating from the British R.R. Nene could only fit that way.

hans2603, 14.06.2011

für NADIA !!! im jahr 1949 wurde das konstruktionsbüro von suchoj wegen erfolglosigkeit von stalin geschlossen . die erste arbeitsperiode endete mit der SU - 17 (modell R ). nach dem tod von stalin im märz 1953 wurde das konstruktionsbüro neugegründet . als erstes entstanden die beiden prototypen E-2A und E-5 . sie wurden später zur SU - 7B ( modell S22 )diese zweite schaffensperiode dauert bis heute an . (quelle : w.bergholz , russlands große flugzeugbauer )

bombardier, 26.05.2011

This plane was very ugly

DebtMan, 16.10.2010

Is a possible development of Me-163?

Nadia, 11.05.2010

Rare bird. Most people are confused because the same designation was later used again on SU-15 Flagon 1967

3VI, 26.10.2007

Nearly impossible to see...

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