Sukhoi Su-39
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Sukhoi Su-39

The latest upgrade of Su-25 attack plane. Evolution included Su-25T (anti-tank, flew on August 17, 1984), and Su-25TM (modified, flew in 1996). Externally it differs by hunch behind the cockpit and TV sight in the nose.

Sukhoi Su-39

 ENGINE2 x R-195 turbojets, 4300kg
    Take-off weight16500-20500 kg36376 - 45195 lb
    Wingspan14.36 m47 ft 1 in
    Length15.53 m51 ft 11 in
    Height5.20 m17 ft 1 in
    Wing area30.10 m2323.99 sq ft
    Max. speed950 km/h590 mph
    Ceiling10000 m32800 ft
    Range800-1400 km497 - 870 miles
 ARMAMENT5000kg of weapons

Sukhoi Su-39A three-view drawing (752 x 1270)

Sukhoi Su-39

nikolay, 05.04.2010

need more foto.

lasmono hadiatmadji, 15.01.2010

Su 25 nickname is it frogfoot

ali, 10.02.2009


GIANCARLO, 29.05.2007

please I need information its electronica capacity military of the airplane its 39 and its weapon system, is with aims of intruccion, is urgent, thanks

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