Tupolev Tu-10
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Tupolev Tu-10

Another Tu-2 variant was the Tu-10. This was a four-crew aircraft fitted with inline Mikulin AM-39FNVs of 1850hp. Its first flight took place on 19 May 1945, and it proved to have perhaps the best performance of any Tu-2. At 8600m it attained a speed of 641km/h. Ceiling was 10,450m but range fell to 1,740km. A small batch was produced in Omsk between 1945 and 1947.

Tupolev Tu-10

martijn k, 09.09.2015

drawing looks like radial model ?
the picture above is different and prob t real dael .

a.casais, 30.10.2010

Yes, very nice looking shape

darius, 22.10.2010

nice plane.

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