Tupolev Tu-126


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Tupolev Tu-126

A military derivation of the Tu-114 has the designation Tu-126 and NATO reporting name 'Moss'; believed to be conversions of ex-Aeroflot civil airliners, these aircraft have been modified for use as airborne warning and control aircraft with a rotating radome pylon-mounted over the rear fuselage. The aircraft also has an inflight-refuelling probe and a number of blisters and fairings covering operational equipment. The former passenger cabin provides ample space for extensive communications, radar and signal processing equipment, and consoles for specialist operators.

Tupolev Tu-126

 ENGINE4 x NK-12MV, 15000hp
  Take-off weight170000 kg374788 lb
  Wingspan51.20 m168 ft 0 in
  Length55.20 m181 ft 1 in
  Height16.05 m53 ft 8 in
  Wing area311.10 m23348.65 sq ft
  Max. speed850 km/h528 mph
  Cruise speed650 km/h404 mph
  Ceiling13000 m42650 ft
  Range12550 km7798 miles

Tupolev Tu-126A three-view drawing (1938 x 1458)

Todd, e-mail, 17.02.2021 19:51

United States Government said this AWACs was useless. Well one was loaned to India during the 1971 Border war and preformed admirably, vectoring Indian MIGs to intercept Pakistani F-86s. So don't always believe what you read from US Government.


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