Tupolev Tu-154
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Tupolev Tu-154

The Tu-154, announced Spring 1966, was intended to replace the Tu-104, IL-18 and An-10 on medium/long stage lengths of up to 6,000km. It is able to operate from airfields with a class B surface, including packed earth and gravel. Normal flight can be maintained after shutdown of any one engine. Single-engine flight is possible at a lower altitude.

The first of six prototype and preproduction models flew for the first time on 4 October 1968. The seventh Tu-154 was delivered to Aeroflot for initial route proving and crew training early 1971. Mail and cargo flights began in May. Initial passenger carrying services were flown for a few days early Summer 1971 between Moscow and Tbilisi. Regular services began 9 February 1972, over the 1,300km route between Moscow and Mineralnye Vody, in the North Caucasus. International services began with a proving flight between Moscow and Prague 1 August 1972.

Tupolev Tu-154

 ENGINE3 x Kuznetsov NK-8-2U turbofans, 102.9kN
    Take-off weight94000 kg207236 lb
    Empty weight50775 kg111940 lb
    Wingspan37.55 m123 ft 2 in
    Length47.9 m157 ft 2 in
    Height8.2 m27 ft 11 in
    Wing area201.5 m22168.93 sq ft
    Cruise speed900 km/h559 mph
    Range w/max.payload2750 km1709 miles

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Viktor, 10.02.2018

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Tu-154, 27.02.2014

And i want to get a real one.

Tu-154, 27.02.2014

The Tu-154 is the best aircraft ever built.

Red Phoenix, 11.05.2012

Timothy, I have an answer for that. The Tu-154 was designed to operate off of rough-surface strips at times. The 'six-pack' main bogies spread the weight of the aircraft over a larger area, allowing it to make takeoffs from airports that are nigh untouchable to Western aircraft in the same class.

Adam, 18.01.2012

It is incredible mashine, its most beutifull bird in the sky. My dream is to fly with one of these, but i am afraid that it will remain only a dream.. :( (sorry for my bad english)

Kiril, 10.10.2011

We have 10 x Tu-154M in flying condition available for immediate sale.
Best price on the market!


Timothy, 04.09.2011

What is the point of having the 777's wheels when it's hardly the size of the 777.

Galina, 07.08.2011

I love it! My fav. Aircraft.

ˇÁˇÁˇÁ, 02.08.2011

It has just killed the Polish president......

Katie, 20.07.2011

The Tupolev Ty154M is my favourite aircraft of all time an amazing tribute to Russian engineering at its best,and the Soloviev turbofans make such a wonderful noise too,I miss travelling on this incredible machine.
Long live Ty154M!!.

hans2603, 14.06.2011

hallo dennis !! schaue dir euere B 727 an , genau so ein fliegender müllhaufen . also mal schön die große klappe halten !!!

LOBO, 04.05.2010

WHO know how much cost now tupolev ??

Wolkonski, 14.04.2010

I flew hundreds of times on this type of plane during the 1970s. It looked like a bus, where people sat on rough seats fixed with loose bolts, but I seldom felt so secure flying as in these ill-fated Tu-154. Hats off, gentlemen!

maciek9991, 11.04.2010

10.04.2010 Tupolev TU-154 rozbija się pod Smoleńskiem gdzie ginie 96 pasażerów ł±cznie z cał± załog±. Na pokładzie samolotu znajdowali się Prezydent RP - Lech Kaczyński wraz z małżonk± oraz z przedstawicielami rz±du. Czarne skrzynki zostały odnalezione lecz jedna z nich jest prawdopodobnie uszkodzona.

10.04.2010 Tupolev TU-154 crashes near Smolensk where he killed 96 passengers including the entire crew. On board were the President of Poland - Lech Kaczynski and his wife, and representatives of the government. The black boxes were found, but one of them is probably defective.

XXX, 10.04.2010

10.04.2010 Tupolev TU-154 rozbija się pod Smoleńskiem gdzie ginie 89 pasażerów wraz z cał± załog±, na pokładzie samolotu znajdowali się Prezydent RP wraz z przedstawicielami rz±du.

RiTz, 10.04.2010

Tupolev Tu-154 today crash in Russia with Polish president [*]

Kiril, 05.04.2010

I am able to offer Tupolev Tu-154 for sale. Contact me for more information.
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097'', 05.04.2010

alguien conocera la medida del ancho de fuselaje de este avion tu154??

Dennis, 29.03.2010

I flew on one of these between Cancun Mexico and Havana operated by Cubana. What a piece of garbage.

Kiril, 04.10.2009

I have Tupolev Tu-154 for sale. Contact me for more information.

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