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Tupolev Tu-22

Development of the Tupolev Tu-22 'Blinder' supersonic bomber/ maritime patrol aircraft began in 1955, under the Tupolev bureau designations Aircraft Yu and Aircraft 105. The rapidly growing capability of Western air defence systems at that period threatened the continued viability of the subsonic Tu-16, and the Tu-22 was designed to make possible the penetration of enemy air space at higher altitude and supersonic speed. Features of the design included a 52°sweep wing with small LERXes, area ruling and the use of rear-mounted Dobrynin engines that avoided the drag and weight penalties of long inlet ducts. The landing gear retracts into typical Tupolev-style trailing-edge pods. First seen publicly in 1961, the Tu-22 has since been built to an estimated total of about 250, of which some 180 were believed to be in service in 1983 with the DA (140) and AV-MF (40). The type has also been supplied in small numbers for service with the Iraqi and Libyan air forces.


© Cockpir ergonomics were poor and the aircraft was very tiring to fly, even with autopilot. Even though the pilot's seat was offset, the central windscreen frame blocked the view during crosswind landing.

© The Tu-22 saw limited Soviet use over Afghanistan, and export customers Libya and Iraq used them in combat, each losing a number to ground fire.

© The Tu-22 carried up to 450 litres of pure grain alcohol to service its hydraulic and de-icing systems. The ground crews, who predictably drank a lot of it, nicknamed the Tu-22 the 'booze carrier'.

© Although faster, the 'Blinder' was shorter-ranged and less reliable than the old Tu-16 'Badger' and could only carry one Kh-22 missile rather than two.

© Tu-22s were built with a 23mm cannon in the tail, aimed by a gunner in the forward fuselage using a TV camera. Later this was replaced by an electronic countermeasures system.

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Tupolev Tu-22

 ENGINE2 x VD-7M, 156.9 kN
  Take-off weight84000-92000 kg185189 - 202826 lb
  Wingspan23.8 m78 ft 1 in
  Length40.5 m133 ft 10 in
  Height10.7 m35 ft 1 in
  Wing area162.0 m21743.75 sq ft
  Max. speed1610 km/h1000 mph
  Ceiling14700 m48250 ft
  Range w/max.fuel5650 km3511 miles
  Range w/max payload4900 km3045 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 23mm remote-controlled cannon, 12000kg of bombs or missiles

Tupolev Tu-22A three-view drawing (1000 x 614)

I will make this on Melon playground Lat, e-mail, 10.10.2023 15:42

I will make this on melon sandbox for update 18.5 UPDATE!


GrahamClayton, e-mail, 25.04.2023 09:52

The ejection seats ejected downward LOL


duke, e-mail, 30.06.2014 16:22

we shot one down in Chad in 1987 when khadafi tried to invade


dalhats laudzafata avicena, e-mail, 05.04.2014 13:54

This aircraft was almost uncontrollable that caused many accident, More than 70 were lost in various operational accidents, a loss rate which gave the name among plots of "Man eater"


Beemerboy, e-mail, 15.06.2013 18:04

Love this site. The Blinder has fascinated me for years with its good looks. Even have a plastic model. Surprised to find it was such a lousy aircraft. Reminds me of some women I have known.


Ta-183 Huckebein, 17.05.2010 14:14



markski, e-mail, 07.05.2010 19:52

The TU-22 Blinder was a complete turkey of an aircraft. With its terrible view from the pilots cockpit & its poor take off & low speed performance contributed to many accidents. Apparantley it was an handful to even the most accomplished pilots. On the plus side it was extremeley good looking.


saber, e-mail, 15.12.2009 19:27

the blinder airplane it the miricle in its time . the design is perfect .the engines was powerfull .I am actually very impresed with this russian airplne . vive soviatic period . I hope I can find some day russian aeronnautics institute to study russian's airplane design
thanks for this site god bless all of yu


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