Tupolev Tu-22M
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Tupolev Tu-22M

NATO revealed existence of a Soviet variable geometry bomber programme in 1969; development had begun 1962, to meet Soviet Air Force requirement; first of between five and nine Tu-22MO prototypes observed July 1970 on ground near Kazan plant; confirmed subsequently as twin-engined design by Tupolev OKB; first flight 30 August 1969; nine Tu-22M-1 preproduction models for development testing, weapons trials and evaluation. Tu-22M-1 first flew July 1971; first displayed in West at 1992 Farnborough Air Show. Production at Kazan ended 1992, probably totalling nine Tu-22MO prototypes, nine Tu-22M-1s, 211 Tu-22M-2s and 268 Tu-22M-3s, or 497 in all.

Tupolev Tu-22M

 ENGINE2 x afterburning turbo-jet NK-25, 245.1kN
    Take-off weight124000 kg273375 lb
    Wingspan23.3/34.3 m76 ft 5 in / 113 ft 6 in
    Length42.5 m139 ft 5 in
    Height11.1 m36 ft 5 in
    Wing area165.0 m21776.04 sq ft
    Max. speed2300 km/h1429 mph
    Ceiling14000 m45950 ft
    Range5100 km3169 miles
 ARMAMENT1-2 x 23mm cannons, 24000kg of bombs or missiles

Tupolev Tu-22MA three-view drawing (1000 x 607)

TORBJRN KAMPE, 17.05.2015

This beautiful flying machine. Can love to fly with open bomb door, over stockhlom just for fun.
Since it can fly down to the middle east and bombing ISIS to atoms.
And lugging Tsar-bomb on them immediately.

TORBJRN KAMPE, 11.05.2015

This great flying machine flew over Gotska Sandn north of Gotland.
It would be fun if they Gorde it again. What fun says our Supreme Commander.
A TU-22M hit or you does not matter, we still have no defense
to come by.

Dalhats Laudzafata Avicena, 22.09.2013

The moderenisation programme was ongoing but,will tupolev 22m is a stealth bomber,if yes thats would be awsome.

hans2603, 14.06.2011

das ist das flugzeug , wovor die us amerikaner ganz schwer die hosen voll haben .

, 06.06.2010

, . . 1 -223 . , 900 F-4 Phantom,30 B-52????

Bob Lawler, 19.02.2010

Many were used as long range naval reconaissance aircraft.

Bob Lawler, 19.02.2010

A good aircraft, not great. Lots of problems with weight and balance--problems that led to decreased range because of lack of fuel. Most of the airplane was actually empty. In comparison, the much smaller FB-111 could carry the same bomb load for half the range or half the bomb load for the same range.

Nilsen, 24.03.2009

There is propaganda in all wars (the Georgians claimed to have shot down 10 Russian aircraft... at the end it was one). I believe that the shot down plane was a Tu-22 Blinder, the forerunner of the Tu-22M (do not confuse the two planes). The aircraft made a reconnaissance mission at low altitude when it was shot down, which is not the role assigned to the Tu-22M

qwa, 10.01.2009

Georgians shot down Tu-22MR
it's dont bobmer... http://airwar.ru/enc/spy/tu22mr.html

John Hine, 29.12.2008

I read that the Georgians shot down a Russian Tu-22 during the 2008 border conflict. There were no further details in the newspaper. I would be interested to learn more about this incident.

vaughan drew, 26.10.2008

does anyone know of other backfires that have been shot down besides the one Georgia managed to down recently?

neil stock, 02.05.2008

hello i wonder if you could tell me if the backfire is going to be at raf fairford in 2008

Minku, 12.09.2007

Make it stelth and improve its ingine & aveonics

Nikos Farsaris, 09.05.2007

This aircraft is one of the landmarks of bomber design. There is no counterpart in western designs with such a mission flexibility (strategic attack, tactical attack, naval strike, ELINT and Electronic attack versions There are two other versions of Tu-22M3 -M4 and M5- for the later roles I think)all in one supersonic long range aircraft.
U.S.A is still searching in F-22 or B-1B adaptations for that roles.

Cristi, 25.04.2007

One of the most beautiful aircraft ever seen.

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