Tupolev Tu-4
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Tupolev Tu-4

Based on the Boeing B-29 Superfortress (examples of which had made emergency landings in Russia during 1944 in the course of operations against Japan), the Tupolev Tu-4 differed in its armament and powerplant. It was a heavier aircraft and did not possess either the pressurised tunnel linking the forward to midships crew locations or the integral fuel tankage of the B-29. The first of a 20-aircraft pre-production batch flew on 3 July 1947. Series production terminated after over 400 aircraft had been delivered in 1952, by which time the Tu-4 was in large scale service with the Soviet DA (Long-Range Aviation), being accorded the NATO reporting name 'Bull'. Some were used as wingtip-to-wingtip inflight-refuelling tankers, others as conventional HDU-equipped tankers. The type was exported to China where some were re-engined with Ivchenko AI-20 turboprops and were sporadically used into the 1990s as AEW and drone launching platforms.

Tupolev Tu-4

 ENGINE4 x ASh-90, 1705kW
    Take-off weight61300 kg135144 lb
    Empty weight35000 kg77162 lb
    Wingspan43.1 m141 ft 5 in
    Length30.2 m99 ft 1 in
    Height8.5 m28 ft 11 in
    Wing area161.5 m21738.37 sq ft
    Max. speed570 km/h354 mph
    Ceiling11000 m36100 ft
    Range w/max.payload5000 km3107 miles
 ARMAMENT5 x 23mm cannons, 5000kg of bombs

garvinhooper, 12.06.2014

when they copied the B-29 they also copied all the bugs and weaknesses of it which it had many as it was rushed into production so quickly

BHH, 23.07.2013

Would be neat if we could somehow buy an old TU-4 from the Russians and fix it up as a flying B-29 back here in the States.

Jessssssssssssssssssssssssssss, 28.02.2013

Mariah Is A Whore

Barry, 10.05.2012

There is no doubt that the Tu-4 is a direct copy of a B29, the text above states as much. But what was copied was quite superficial. This plane does not hold a candle to the original. The aerostructure was quite different being manufactured from thicker guage lower quality metal. The overall performance was nowhere near the same, and as is usually the case when the Russkies copy something it never quite turns out as it should. The Tu160 Blackjack is a larger copy of the "Bone", is it better? No way, and in view of the fact that they only built 60 of them I think even the Russians would agree.

gurrrrrlll, 29.11.2011

omg whsat??.

Bob, 17.11.2011

The Stupid Russians STOLE this from the U.S. This is a B-29 There own designs were so bad they had to uce the U.S.'s

Ian, 12.10.2010

It was a reverese engineered B29 copied from interned aircraft that made emergency landings in Manchuria following raids on Japan.

Ta-183 Huckebein, 15.05.2010

The Tu-4 is my most favorite Russain plane. The only thing I DONT like about it is that they totallly COPIED it from the B-29. JUST LOOK AT IT!! XD

gonzalo, 30.07.2009

Un problema fue que los soviéticos usaban sistema metrico y todas ls dimensiones del B-29 estaban en sistema imperial (pies, pulgadas) por lo que la URSS debio cambiar en varias fabricas a este ultimo sistema.
Otros cambios eran tanques de combustible e goma flexible en lugar de los integrales del B-29 y la supresion de las zonas presurizadas atras de la cabina de vuelo, incluso creo que sacaron el tunel presurizado.

sergio, 24.05.2008


Jason Moore, 24.05.2008

Sergio, parecian muy semejantes en los exteriores, y la estructura era lo mismo, mas o menos, pero existian muchas diferencias pequenas entre los aviones (y no pequenas, por ejemplo, el armamento defensivo en el B-29 consistia de 12.7 mm ametralladoras, pero en los ejemplos definitivos del Tu-4, el armamento era 23 mm canones). Tambien el piel era diferente - era mas grueso en el Tu-4.

Roger, 16.05.2008

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sergio, 10.05.2008

cual es la diferencia de este tupolev al b-29

sergio, 10.05.2008

cual es la siferencia de este tupolev al b-29

sergio, 10.05.2008

wow.. cual es la diferencia de este tupolev al b-29?

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