Tupolev Tu-70


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Tupolev Tu-70

One-off passenger transport developed in parallel with Tu-4; flown on 27 November 1946; new nose with conventional cockpit/flight deck instead of low-drag Superfortress-style nose - designed for crew of eight and 48 VIP passengers, but used with crew of six and 72 passengers as staff transport for air force.

Tupolev Tu-70A three-view drawing (1954 x 1594)

 ENGINE4 x ASh-73TK, 1770hp
  Take-off weight51400 kg113318 lb
  Empty weight38290 kg84415 lb
  Wingspan43.05 m141 ft 3 in
  Length35.61 m117 ft 10 in
  Height9.75 m32 ft 0 in
  Wing area161.7 m21740.52 sq ft
  Max. speed560 km/h348 mph
  Range4900 km3045 miles

Tupolev Tu-70

BHH, 09.10.2021 05:12

The Russians had a very hard time letting go of that B-29 center nose glass section! Like the Stratocruiser, this thing also hangs on to the B-29 tail.


João Custodio Santos, e-mail, 06.08.2012 22:39

Esse Tupolev TU-70,parece assemelhar-se, a um Douglas DC-7,americano,afigurando-se um belo avião. Pena que pouco se sabe sobre esta aeronave, como de resto,é quase uma icognita,a hidtoria da maioria dos aviões da extinta União Sovietica, ainda que comentem,serem elesmuito pesados e poucos eguros.


Phil, e-mail, 03.08.2011 05:29

What ever what happened to this aircraft? I was at
Monino and didn't see it there.


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