Yakovlev AIR-17 / Ya-17 / UT-3


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Yakovlev AIR-17 / Ya-17 / UT-3

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Yakovlev AIR-17 / Ya-17 / UT-3

  Take-off weight2742 kg6045 lb
  Empty weight2040 kg4497 lb
  Wingspan15.0 m49 ft 3 in
  Length10.7 m35 ft 1 in
  Wing area33.42 m2359.73 sq ft
  Max. speed273 km/h170 mph
  Ceiling4000 m13100 ft
  Range1000 km621 miles

Richard Aubrecht, e-mail, 13.08.2016 01:15

Actually, it seems that only 21 machines were finished - one prototype (first photo), one similar machine from the Factory no.81, ten unarmed two-seat machines from the Factory no.301, some eight two-seat machines with new nose from factory no.47, of which the first is on the second photo, and one prototype from Factory no.47 with solid nose and fixed undercarriage. Specs are for the Bengali-powered prototype, other machines had its licensed version, MV-6.


Barry, 01.03.2016 17:20

Only 30 of these 220 h.p Renault Bengali powered training aircraft were produced, the VVS preferring converted existing combat types and the problems of the time demanded that all output at the time should be combat aircraft. It looks as if one of the 30 suffered a bit of a bump!


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