Yakovlev AIR-2


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Yakovlev AIR-2

Development of the AIR-1 with radial engine. It was built in two versions with size and construction almost identical to the predecessor.

The first one was powered by M-23 engine. It had plexiglas canopy covering both cockpits and opening sidewards. But the aircraft was too slow to show advantage of a canopy. In addition engine vibration was above acceptable level.

Second version with 60hp Walter engine had performance slightly worser (due to engine drag) than the AIR-1. Four were built and used for training.


Version of the AIR-2 with more powerful 'Siemens' engine. Performance was improved substantially. It became possible to install AIR-2S on floats designed by V.B.Shavrov. Floatplane version was flown on May 18, 1931. Transition from wheels to floats took as little as 1hour 10minutes. Pilot B.L.Bukhgolts and passenger V.B.Shavrov performed short straight flight, and without stopping the engine another 10 minutes circle flight. Next crew to fly were Ju.I.Piontkovskij and A.S.Yakovlev.

Aircraft was flown many times on Moscow river (Moscow) without any problems.

Yakovlev AIR-2

 ENGINE1 x Siemens Sh13A, 62kW
  Take-off weight710 kg1565 lb
  Empty weight470 kg1036 lb
  Wingspan8.9 m29 ft 2 in
  Length7.7 m25 ft 3 in
  Wing area18.7 m2201.28 sq ft
  Max. speed140 km/h87 mph
  Cruise speed120 km/h75 mph
  Ceiling3350 m11000 ft
  Range500 km311 miles

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