Yakovlev Ya-3 Pionerskaja Pravda


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Yakovlev Ya-3 Pionerskaja Pravda

Development of the AIR-2 in parasol monoplane configuration. It used fuselage, powerplant, landing gear and tail identical to the predecessor. Money for construction were provided by Osoaviakhim.

Aircraft was ready on Summer 1929. On September 6 same year pilots Filin and Kovalkov (at the time students of the VVA, as well as a designer) flew nonstop from Mineralnye Vody to Moscow covering 1835km with average speed 166.8km/h, setting another International Record for Yakovlev's aircraft.

Yakovlev Ya-3 Pionerskaja Pravda

 ENGINE1 x Walter, 44kW
  Take-off weight762 kg1680 lb
  Empty weight392 kg864 lb
  Wingspan11.0 m36 ft 1 in
  Length7.1 m23 ft 4 in
  Height2.4 m8 ft 10 in
  Wing area16.5 m2177.60 sq ft
  Max. speed146 km/h91 mph
  Cruise speed125 km/h78 mph
  Ceiling4200 m13800 ft

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