Yakovlev Yak-11


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Yakovlev Yak-11

Known to NATO as Moose, the Yak-11 was a two-seat intermediate trainer and became a standard type with the Soviet forces and those of a large number of other countries. Production was also undertaken in Czechoslovakia as the C-11.

Yakovlev Yak-11

 ENGINE1 x ASh-21, 515kW
  Take-off weight2418 kg5331 lb
  Empty weight1900 kg4189 lb
  Wingspan9.4 m31 ft 10 in
  Length8.5 m28 ft 11 in
  Height3.3 m11 ft 10 in
  Wing area15.4 m2165.76 sq ft
  Max. speed456 km/h283 mph
  Cruise speed400 km/h249 mph
  Ceiling8000 m26250 ft
  Range w/max.fuel1290 km802 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 12.7mm machine-guns

bombardier, e-mail, 24.05.2011 12:52

Onw Yak-11 was the first aircraft to be shot down during the Korean war


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