Yakovlev Yak-2 (BB-22)


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Yakovlev Yak-2 (BB-22)

Intended originally as a high-speed reconnaissance aircraft, the Yakovlev Ya-22 prototype was powered by two M-103 engines and made its maiden flight on 22 February 1939. A two-seat low-wing monoplane with wooden wings and a fuselage of mixed construction, the Ya-22 had retractable tailwheel landing gear and a tail unit incorporating a twin fin-and-rudder assembly. Yakovlev was then instructed to modify the design to serve as a bomber, the aircraft being redesignated BB-22 (blizhnii bombardirovshchik or short-range bomber). This resulted in major revisions of accommodation, armament and fuel storage, plus the provision of an internal bomb bay. The first series BB-22 was completed on 31 December 1939 and flown on skis on 20 February 1940 . By that time two factories were in production and experimental variants - the R-12 photographic reconnaissance aircraft and I-29 (or BB-22IS) long-range escort fighter - were being prepared for test flights. The BB-22 was redesignated Yak-2 at the end of 1940, and as powered by two 716kW M-103 Vee engines had a maximum speed of 530km/h at sea level service ceiling of 8800m and range of 800km.

In 1940 the basic design was further refined to improve the crew positions, field of view and armour protection; the M-105 engine was introduced with better protection for the fuel system, and provisions were made for external bomb racks. Then redesignated Yak-4, the aircraft entered production in the autumn of 1940 and about 600 of both versions were built, the majority of them Yak-4s . They were not particularly successful in service, many of them being lost in the early days of the German invasion.

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Yakovlev Yak-2 (BB-22)

 ENGINE2 x M-105R, 810kW
  Take-off weight5245 kg11563 lb
  Wingspan14.0 m46 ft 11 in
  Length10.2 m33 ft 6 in
  Wing area32.0 m2344.44 sq ft
  Max. speed530 km/h329 mph
  Ceiling9500 m31150 ft
  Range w/max.fuel1600 km994 miles
  Range w/max payload800 km497 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 7.62mm machine-guns, 400kg of bombs

Yakovlev Yak-2 (BB-22)

Edris Mnsor El Shibani, e-mail, 20.02.2010 12:53

nice lady


Bob Tobin, e-mail, 13.09.2009 06:09

In the 1943 MGM pro-Soviet propaganda film starring Farley Granger and Dana Andrews-- "North Star" (original, non-politically correct title: "Red Star"), Dana Andrews' character, a Red Air Force pilot, uses his damaged Yak 4 in a 'taran' (i.e.: the Soviet version of a Japanese kamikaze suicide finale) by deliberately diving his plane into a column of German tanks-- satisfyingly blowing up some miniature Panzer IIIs and presumably incinerating their 'vile, imperialist fascist' crews (standard wartime Soviet vituperation, not mine). The movie studio's model work was fairly convincing as far as the film's depiction of a Yak 4 is concerned. This is the only film I know of that devoted some footage- if only in model form-- of an extremely rare, by Western standards, rare bird.


jarecki, e-mail, 02.04.2008 15:52

Ater 1942, many of this planes were used as glider tugs and delivered supply for partizans.


Charlotte, e-mail, 03.10.2007 18:31

on a Yak4 is the space open between pilot and person behind; can they pass things one to the other and is the engine noise low enough that they can speak to each other?


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