Yakovlev Yak-200


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Yakovlev Yak-200

In 1952 Yakovlev embarked on the design of a modern successor to the Yak-6. Until recently it was imagined in the West that the Yak-200 was intended as a trainer for the pilots of multi-engined aircraft, and that a second prototype, the Yak-210, was a trainer for navigators and bombaimers. In fact both were intended for tactical reconnaissance and artillery spotting, though their low performance would have made them very vulnerable in modern warfare. The Yak-210 did, in fact, have a secondarytraining role.

The Yak-200 made its first flight in March 1953, followed by the Yak-210 three months later. Both were submitted for NII-VVS testing, but though they were considered satisfactory aircraft, regarded simply as flying machines, the decision was taken not to order either into production. They could have served as front-line transport and ambulance aircraft, but were regarded as too costly and vulnerable, and Soviet Army Aviation had no real use for them. No ASCC name for these aircraft is known.

Yakovlev Yak-200A three-view drawing (800 x 827)

  Take-off weight5122 kg11292 lb
  Empty weight3910 kg8620 lb
  Wingspan17.45 m57 ft 3 in
  Length12.95 m43 ft 6 in
  Wing area36.0 m2387.50 sq ft
  Max. speed400 km/h249 mph
  Ceiling7160 m23500 ft
  Range1340 km833 miles

Steve, e-mail, 08.02.2013 18:49

The engine was the Shvetsov ASh-21 7-cylinder radial, of 20.6 liters /1257 cu. in. displacement. Ratings are given variously as 570 to 700 HP. It was half of the ASh-82 of La-5 /7 fame, the Shvetsov OKB (Wright licensee) seeming to parallel the relationship between the Wright R-2600 and R-1300. See Vladimir Kotelnikov, "Russian Piston Aero Engines".


hans2603, e-mail, 14.06.2011 22:39

triebwerke sehen aus , wie ASH21


Johan Runfeldt, e-mail, 09.05.2011 12:09

Anyone out there who would know what powerplants were used?


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