Yakovlev Yak-42
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Yakovlev Yak-42

Three prototypes ordered initially; first prototype (SSSR-1974) flew 7 March 1975, with 11 wing sweepback and furnished in 100-seat local service form, with carry-on baggage and coat stowage fore and aft of cabin; second prototype (SSSR-1975, later SSSR-42304) had 23 sweepback and more cabin windows, representative of 120-seat version with three more rows of seats and no carry-on baggage areas; third prototype (SSSR-1976, later SSSR-42303) introduced small refinements; flight testing proved 23 wing superior; first series of production aircraft, built to replace some Aeroflot Tu-134, generally similar to SSSR-42303 as exhibited 1977 Paris Air Show; changes for production included substitution of four-wheel main landing gear bogies for twin-wheel units on prototypes; scheduled service on Aeroflot's Moscow-Krasnodar route began late 1980. Substantial redesign during one-year grounding after in-flight failure, June 1982.

Yak-42D introduced from second quarter of 1989 and currently manufactured by Saratov Aviation Plant (SAZ). Yak-42A and other versions have been produced in small numbers or been proposed.

Yakovlev Yak-42

 ENGINE3 x turbo-jet D-36, 63.1kN
    Take-off weight52000 kg114641 lb
    Wingspan35.0 m115 ft 10 in
    Length35.0 m115 ft 10 in
    Max. speed870 km/h541 mph
    Cruise speed820 km/h510 mph
    Range w/max.fuel1850 km1150 miles
    Range w/max.payload1000 km621 miles

Yakovlev Yak-42

Paul L Cook, 26.02.2014

Me again:

I would like to keep -42 prices under $1,500,000 cash and conversion cost under $2,000,000. If we start with the freighters, Then it would be a done deal to get into passenger operations and need more -42 passenger aircraft

Paul L Cook
001 602 678 6542

Paul L Cook, 26.02.2014

I would like to find a used 42 to convert to a freighter. I have been building a market in regions of South America. I could actually use 4-5 to fill the bills. It would be delivered 1 at a time. Can you help me in any way?????

Paul L Cook
Pres/CEO ArgosyAirgroup@yahoo.com
Owner ArizonaServiceTransportation.com
001 602 678 6542

Brian Redman, 21.04.2011

I flew the Yak 42 from Vladikavkaz to Moscow once. Boarded from the rear stairs like an old 727. Seemed like a plane from the 1960's with basic construction and fittings. Rugged simple plane.

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