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In 1980 the OKB quickly designed a totally new single-seat aerobatic aircraft, having almost nothing in common with the preceding Yak-50 except the 355hp M-14P engine and V-530TA-D35 propeller. An all-metal stressed-skin aircraft, it had an airframe designed with nothing in mind except winning competitions.

Project director was S A Yakovlev, chief engineers V P Kondrat'ev and D K Drach, and OKB test pilot M B Molchanyuk. The prototype flew in May 1981, and with spats removed made a surprise appearance (not competing) at the 1982 world championships. Structural failures then resulted in redesign of the wing, with a thinner section but stronger structure. Flying the strengthened aircraft, the Soviet women's team took 1st place in the 1984 championships, Kh Makagonova winning individual gold. In 1986 series production began at Arsenyev, 108 being delivered by 1991.

Bill Gunston & Yefim Gordon "Yakovlev Aircraft since 1924", 1997

Yak-55A three-view drawing of Yak-55 (916 x 818)

  Take-off weight875 kg1929 lb
  Empty weight640 kg1411 lb
  Wingspan8.2 m27 ft 11 in
  Length7.48 m25 ft 6 in
  Wing area14.3 m2153.92 sq ft
  Max. speed360 km/h224 mph

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