CASA C-101 Aviojet
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CASA C-101 Aviojet

The first prototype flew on June 27, 1977. Entered service in 1980.

CASA C-101 Aviojet

 ENGINE1 x Garrett TFE731-2-25 turbofan
    Take-off weight5600 kg12346 lb
    Empty weight3350 kg7386 lb
    Wingspan10.6 m35 ft 9 in
    Length12.25 m40 ft 2 in
    Height4.25 m14 ft 11 in
    Wing area20.0 m2215.28 sq ft
    Max. speed685 km/h426 mph
    Ceiling12500 m41000 ft
    Range w/max.fuel3800 km2361 miles
    Range w/max.payload370 km230 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 30mm cannon, 2000kg of weapons

cucho, 11.06.2011

Falta la version Enaer/CASA A-36 Toqui con capacidad de portar misiles aire-aire Shafir2.

ENAER/CASA A-36 "Toqui" version is missing, capable of carrying air-to-air missiles Shafir2.

Alb, 19.08.2010

There are some other models manufactured by CASA which could be posted in this web-site, that is:
- CASA C-235
- CASA C-295

fede, 06.09.2009

parece el pampa ia 63

Jontxu, 25.05.2009

Not at all. Spanish design, with a little technical assistance from Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm and Northrop.

The Argentinian I.A. 63 Pampa it is related to the alphajet.

Axl, 27.09.2008

is it related to the alphajet?

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