Hispano HA.1112
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Hispano HA.1112

Messerschmitt Bf 109 with Merlin.

Hispano HA.1112A three-view drawing (1690 x 1197)

ninjacheesestick, 22.10.2015

These planes are very nice from my stand point but I think that if someone in the world has one not to restore it but to put the plane in a aviation museum.

William Long, 25.02.2015

Quite a few of these that were featured in the "The Battle of Britain" were re-discovered in a Warehouse in Britain in 2014 where they were "impounded" over unpaid bills from the movie production. Several restoration groups are negotiating purchase and restoration.

r.weichmann, 17.01.2014

This Plane is a Buchon Typ Ha-1112-M1l it give 2 Typs K1l and M1l

Bob Hammond, 01.03.2011

You can see 2 or 3 of these "Bouchons"(Spanish built 109's) at Duxford Imp War Museum. in Cambridgeshire.UK.One is airwothy the others are being restored to flying condition,

Aero99, 12.02.2011

its great

Andy McGeechan, 02.01.2011

Many of these played Luftwaffe 109s in the film
"The Battle Of Britain" (GB 1969)

Streets, 25.10.2010

In 1958, I worked as a tech-rep at Torrejon AB with the 497th. F.I.S. Every time these aircraft took the active, they drew the squadron's F-86L pilots to the flight line
to watch them take off, wishing that they could have a go. Nothing like a Merlin in a BF109 to start the dreams flowing.

Pedro Frederico Garcia, 16.04.2010

Engine: Rolls-Royce Merlin 500-45, 1.400hp, two 20mm guns and 8 rockets 80mm Top speed: 670 km/h at 4.330m Ceiling: 11.100m Range: 761 km lenght: 9,82m wing span: 12,02m total weight take-off: 3.155kg

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