Saab-MFI 15/17 Safari-Supporter
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Saab-MFI 17 Supporter

On 11 July 1969 Saab flew the prototype (SE-301) of a two/three-seat civil/military trainer or general utility aircraft to which it had allocated the designation Saab-MFI 15. As then flown it was powered by a 119kW Avco Lycoming IO-320-B2 flat-four engine and had a conventional low-set tailplane, but this was modified subsequently to T-tail configuration to minimise damage when operating from rough airfields.

The prototype was flown on 26 February 1971 with a more powerful Avco Lycoming engine, which became the standard powerplant for the production version, which was re-designated Saab Safari. A braced shoulder-wing monoplane with fixed tricycle landing gear, available optionally with tailwheel landing gear, it provides side-by-side enclosed accommodation for two and has dual controls as standard.

A military version designated originally Saab-MFI 17 was flown on 6 July 1972 and differed from the Safari by being equipped more specifically for use as a military trainer, or for such duties as artillery observation, forward air control and liaison; this version was later named Saab Supporter.

In August 1978 Saab flew a version of the Safari with a 157kW Continental flat-six turbocharged engine; designated Safari TS it did not progress beyond the prototype stage.

Saab built a combined total of about 250 Safari/Supporter aircraft before production ended in the late 1970s. Military Supporters were supplied to the Pakistan air force and army (45), Royal Danish air force (32, which designated it T-17) and Zambian air force (20). Licence-production of this aircraft was started in Pakistan during 1976, initially from kits supplied by Saab, but there has been a gradual change to indigenous manufacture from raw materials. Designated Mushshak in Pakistan, more than 150 have been built.

Saab-MFI 15/17 Safari-SupporterA three-view drawing (800 x 684)

 ENGINE1 x Avco Lycoming IO-360-A1B6 piston engine, 149kW
    Take-off weight1200 kg2646 lb
    Loaded weight646 kg1424 lb
    Wingspan8.85 m29 ft 0 in
    Length7.0 m23 ft 12 in
    Height2.6 m9 ft 6 in
    Wing area11.9 m2128.09 sq ft
    Max. speed235 km/h146 mph
    Ceiling4100 m13450 ft

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Muazzam, 22.12.2014

We are manufacturing these aircraft in Pakistan. so anyone has any service or technical issues can contact

Naseer Khan, 24.10.2014

Dear Derek white
Can we make contact regarding manufacture & spares support of MI-15 200 etc on mail address, 18.05.2014

Its great machine and I am still flying it.

Naseer Khan, 08.12.2013

Can some one get me the TCDS of MFI 15 200A. Data results of vibration & environmental tests on the aircraft. Can this aircraft fly at temperatures as low as -25C etc & as high as +45C.What are the anti icing devices installed. Does it has aircondition system.

Sharjeel, 01.09.2013

I urgently need the drawings of this plane to make a R/C Model will some body help me for this pplease........

BEN ZULU, 05.06.2012


BEN ZULU, 05.06.2012

would you send a type certicate data sheet for SERIAL NUMBER 15.257 AIRCRAFT MODEL, SAAB SAFARI-MFI 15.200A. Am with the ZAMBIA AIR FORCE.

Frank Roncelli, 31.12.2011

Looking for plans for the 100 HP verion. {Biafra Baby)

Johan Runfeldt, 22.07.2011

Toulson, the Bölkow Bö 208 is a licensed variant of the MFI-9. The Germans were given world rights for the plane, and Malmö Flygindustri only made planes for Scandinavia, due to outrageous Swedish weapons export laws. After the Biafran war the plane was seen as a weapon you see.

Lin Light, 20.07.2010

I have an MFI-9HB and I have two sets of drawings. Would like to hear from anyone having any construction manuals

M Toulson, 09.06.2010

This airplane looks to me like an update of the Bolkow Bo 208 "Junior" is this so?

Johan Runfeldt, 27.05.2010

You can, the predecessor of the Safari, the MFI-9, is available in amateur built form as the MFI-9HB. The MFI-9 is just what you ask for, or rather the MFI-15 is a 6:5 scale version of the MFI-9. The MFI-9 became (in)famous as the Biafra Babies during the civil war in Nigeria 1968-70.

Lars Vikner, 11.03.2010

Our SAAB Supporter / MFI 15 SE-XNP are now for sale.
You can get all info from me.

Quinquin, 11.12.2009

I think one has interest to read every text in full. Filipo did mention before the U.S.homebuilt Cygnet SF-2A very popular in U.K.and R.O.W.
The first models were powered by a VW engine but a Rotax 90 HP or a Jabiru would be very nice.
That should be the answer to someone who dream about owning a smaller Safari like version.

Ramiz, 10.09.2009

There was a uni-pod made by FFV for the Saab Safari back in the late 70s. Anyone heard of it? Can someone tell me where I could locate the manufacturer or locate a user? Thanks.

Sam Haqqi, 10.03.2009

I would like to get factory drawings for this aircraft to make 1/4 scale rc flying model of it. If anyone of you guys can help with drawings and close pictures i would appreciate your help.


haroon, 26.01.2009

can anybody tell me WHY no 3 cylender is chosen as master cylender in IO 360 A1B6 engine?

Filipo, 30.11.2008

If anybody want to build a similar 2 place aircraft, think to the U.S.A Cygnet SF-2A.
This plane should be marvelous to fly pulled by a Jabiru 4 or six cylinder engine.
However I would substitute the geodetic wooden wings with metal wings.

Derek White, 25.10.2008

These are amazing to fly and very safe as are all the Björn Andreasson designs. I helped a friend buy some from the Zambian Airforce which are now restored (one with a 5-cyl Volvo diesel!)
My father in law bought (from Saab) all the rights, documentation (enough for certification), moulds, prototypes etc. of Björn Andreasson's last aircraft-- the BA14 ,a composite replacement for the MFI15/17. It's all sitting in a warehouse in Sweden in case someone wants to buy everything and build them. I have some pictures and specs for anyone interested.

mwenya, 09.07.2008

What do you do when throttle linkage disconnect whilst airborne

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